Friday, January 30, 2015

Planting for the Birds

by Edna 'Ladybug' Gaston

Ah, ‘tis the season to dream!  Gardening catalogs galore are magically appearing in my mailbox. So build a nice fire, grab a cup of hot chocolate and let’s plan our gardens.

Interesting Tid-bits

by Marty Finkel

This month, when we’re all planning what’s new to try in our vegetable and ornamentals gardens as soon as we can start seeds and work the ground, the Tidbits section features the 2015 All-America Selections (

Tyro's Corner, Adventures of a Beginning Gardener

by Eileen Novak

As gardeners, we have many things to be thankful for:  the fresh air, the sunshine, the rain, the earthworms, and the timing of New Years’ Resolutions.  Think about it.  My husband has seen folks

February Garden Tasks

By Carl Shafer

During warm spells, dormant sprays can be applied to fruit trees and vines this month.  For specific recommendations, check the NC Chemical Manual, (, and

Garden Checklist for February

by Mary Jane Bosworth

  • Anxious to get out in the garden, then this is the time to trim and prune.  Most trees and ornamentals prefer to be shaped at this time of year. Remove diseased and dead limbs. Shape, keeping in mind that

February Plant of the Month - Cast Iron Plant

Cast Iron Plant for sale buy Aspidistra guangxiensis 'Kunming Starlet'
'Kunming Scarlet'

by Marty Finkel

Who would have thought that the mostly overlooked, often neglected plant on the table in the darkest corner of Grandma’s house, leaves gathering